Oasis Immigration & Educational Consultancy answers all FAQ’s

Oasis Immigration & Educational Consultancy answers all FAQ’s

Post pandemic a lot of doubts, questions & queries have been haunting both – students as well as their parents. Ashita, Director of Oasis Immigration & Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Chandigarh, has taken charge of the situation in order to answer all queries that come into the inquisitive minds who want to fulfill their dreams of studying abroad. Some of the Frequently Asked Questions are listed below along with their answers in order for students & parents to make informed decision.


1. When will Australian borders re-open?
When the borders closed in March 2020, it was an abrupt decision due to the onset of the pandemic. If we listen to the interviews from Australia, we sense that borders might tentatively open in late 2021. But this is not a concrete answer and heavily depends on the availability of vaccination in the country apart from other factors.


2. Do we continue with our studies or wait for the re-opening of borders to apply for VISA?
Delay in re-opening borders does not mean that anyone should put a break in their studies or allow any kind of gap to come in between your qualifications. To think of applying for abroad only when the borders re-open is not recommended. Please apply for your VISA’s at the earlies to avoid any kind of study gap in the future.

3. What provisions have countries provided for international students?
Countries like Australia, Canada among many others have provided students with an option to begin their education in their home country (India) after applying for their VISA. When the borders re-open, the studies can be continued without any major gap in education. The Post-Graduate study VISA or the job search VISA post re-opening of borders & your shifting into that country is assured. The Governments of countries like Australia, Canada among others have declared the ensured issuance of work VISA for people coming into their country even if full (or half) course is pursued online.

4. Is there a guarantee regarding the re-opening of international borders for students?
Oasis request you to not lose hope when it comes to the possibility of re-opening borders. Economy of countries like Australia and Canada are highly dependent on international students who go to study abroad. International students market forms a large source of income for these nations. Approximately $39 billion dollars were earned by these economies only from international students’ market, which makes it impossible for these governments to neglect their arrival or not open the borders for education. There will be a provision of quarantine made available for students who will fly abroad to countries like Australia and Canada.

5. Will tourism also be allowed in these countries?
Tourism might still take a lot of time since it is not feasible for tourists to be quarantined for 14 days or more, but it is certainly a possibility for students. Australia will also be announcing special chartered planes or pilot programs for students that will help our students reach various regional areas of the country in order to timely begin their education.


Keep watching this space for more information regarding your queries around studying abroad. Stay in touch with Oasis to stay ahead!

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